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Australia’s dedicated aviation experiences brand.

Along with our parent companies, MJET & MSKY, all part of the FLYM Group – XSKY is the newest and most modern aircraft charter company based in Australia.

XSKY is a brand worthy of mention. With our fleet aircraft in the same colour scheme and interior design, making us the first and only non-airline brand in Australia and Southeast Asia.

What truly separates our business model from others is being known by what a true aviation charter company would have to offer – extreme dedication to providing the highest service levels.

What do we mean by that? XSKY is unique. XSKY is exceptional because we are able to provide our clientele the right level of service with high efficiency and are very flexible to their needs. XSKY is bringing a new and revolutionary product to the aviation industry by providing a far more superior service than ever before. You can look forward to enhanced services in the air, as well as VIP programs on the ground.

How can offer all this? Simple. We’re the only company in the region that owns and operates their own fleet in the same interior and exterior branding. No third parties to deal with and their broken promises. In house crew and a service that is dedicated to aviation charter and experiences in Australia. No one offers this level of product and service and also to do it at such a competitive price.

We cannot wait to welcome you on board your next XSKY flight and experiences. Ask us to learn more about the exciting plans we have for the future.

XSKY is Australia’s dedicated charter and experiences brand

What is XSKY?

Whether you need a group booking or Government required flight via our charter services, or would like to enjoy an unforgettable experience via our Adventure, Leisure and eXtreme division, you’ve come to the right place:

  • Adventure, Leisure, eXtreme – Tours, & Scenic flights experiences
  • Australia’s leading Aviation Golf Tours provider
  • Charters for any occasion – Business & Pleasure
  • Large Group Transport Specialist – Luxury Tours, Holidays, Sport Events, FIFO, Government & Military, Fire Services, Airwork and more

No lines. No delays. The reliable partner for all your transport needs. Anywhere, Anytime, Guaranteed.

Developed as a subsidiary of our parent FLYM Group, XSKY brand caters to a different type of travel solutions. Large Groups and specialty requiems, Airwork, with valued pricing, while still delivering a superior and unmatched product to the industry.

XKSY was also developed to have a focus on specific tours, experiences and scenic flights, as well as charter and Airwork services.
Also, like its sister companies, MJET & MSKY, we’re Australia’s first and only dedicate charter and experiences brand.

Benefits of Flying XSKY

We created XKSY as one of subsidiaries from the FLYM Group. Australia’s first & only full-fledged private jet & aircraft charter brand. We wanted the masses to experience the whole world of aviation that excites us every day and drives our passion. We want to be the leading aviation experiences provider in Australia. And not just for our charter flights.

So, we launched XSKY Aviation. A dedicated Adventure, Leisure, extreme experience provider for Tours and Scenic flights. That’s our motto and we offer an ever-expanding range of ways to enjoy the thrills of flight.
There’s something for everyone at XSKY and over the course of time, we will be adding experiences, in more locations with many unique twists and exciting first-time products in the near future.

We didn’t just stop at charter (which is our parent company speciality). Whether it’s an open-door helicopter scenic flight, or a regional winery tour. Or perhaps, it’s one of our leading aviation Golf Tours. There’s simply no better way to experience aviation, business or pleasure, than XSKY.

You will be flying with Australia’s first fully-fledged & branded charter and experiences brand. Your experience with XSKY is going to be truly second to none. A fleet and service that is far superior and unique. Offering precisely what you require and what you deserve. It’s what has been missing for far too long. XSKY will have this covered. And, most importantly, we provide you with the highest level of security, efficiency, and simplicity.

Fly with XSKY, we guarantee you will never want to fly any other way and can’t wait for you to experience one of the many options we provide for you at XSKY.

XSKY’s parent company FLYM Group is Australia first & only non-airline aviation company to have completed a Sustainability report and a step-by-step process, with significant investments to going carbon neutral approx. mid this decade.

Flights for Kids

Flying with XSKY helps support our sister organisation, FLIGHTS4KIDS. Allowing children in need from regional/rural towns to receive the care and treatment they require at the Children’s Hospital.

We donate from XSKY’s experiences and charter flights to Flights4Kids, as well as from events, such as Golf Charity Tours, to help support more flights and every child possible.

Fly above it all

A message from our founder

I would like to take this moment to thank you kindly for learning more about XSKY. Yes, the company is new and we are still growing. But, my promise to you is that I will share my passion for aviation. I have dreamed of, planned and worked every physical ounce of sweat I can to develop the FLYM Group. So, what you will see with XSKY is the result of all that effort – a service that goes above and beyond your needs. For a very long time, I have always noticed a lack of such services, experiences and brand in aviation. This has consistently motivated me to strive to offer the best product in the market.

I first drew up this plan as a teenager in high school. My business plan has changed very little since then. What I saw was an opportunity that was lacking then, I still see that as one today. For my plan to have stayed the same for this long, shows I was meant to contribute something incredible to this industry and my idea was spot on. I knew it then and I still see the need today. In between the time I first put pen to paper and to now offering XSKY to the masses. Tt took dedication, training, partnership building and industry knowledge to eventually be in a position to launch XSKY.

As you have read above, MSKY is currently a small brokerage firm, but we have big dreams. You can trust us to provide the best tool for your mission. Then, as we continue to expand steadily in the very near future, what you will finally see is us blossoming into a world-class, global brand. One who is a fully-dedicated service to the industry.

To me, words mean nothing, even though I wish to provide this heart felt message. So, I must make sure, my actions speak louder than words. From the business that is MSKY today, to the very soon leader in the industry. For not just Australia, but also the world.

I guarantee satisfaction in the service and in enhancing your life and business needs. We aim to add value to you by making time work more efficiently, whilst growing profitably.
So, join me on this journey and be part of MSKY, I guarantee you will never want to travel any other way.

Sincerely yours,
Mark Pugliese
Founder & Managing Director


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