All of our tours are conducted as shared bookings. All you have to do is decide when and how many people want to travel and we will make the effort to fit you in on one of our luxury tours. If you wish to book an entire tour for yourself and party members, we’re more than happy to accommodate and charter for you your very own plane for that extra bit of privacy and luxury. So if you want to get a group together, or perhaps just want to spoil that special someone, there are flexible choices.
If you have a trip in mind and don’t see it on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us and talk about creating something special for you.¬†
Adventure sports and outdoor tours are easily arranged and we are always happy to fly out to a destination to explore our beautiful country.
Example trip – Say you want to head out to the Grampians in Western Victoria for a day of Rock Climbing, most of the day is wasted by the time you have driven there. Like most of us, you don’t have a whole weekend to drive for hours and spend a night in the motel. At Msky we can have you there in less than 45 minutes, so you can spend a whole a day doing what you love and not waste your weekend with the long boring drive.
Some more ideas РGrampians Hiking Tour, 4WD Tours,  Seasonal Snow Trips, Whale Watching and many more tours are out there to be discovered.
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy our incredible tours. All of our experiences start at one of our luxury lounges, where the luxury service only the beginning. At Msky we have dedicated winery tours as well as a broad range of destinations so you can get away for the day and have a mini holiday, that’s just all you need to feel free and have a relaxing day out. The fastest and most comfortable way out to our beautiful country regions.
Our fleet consists of aircraft used for for corporate charter transport. Meaning your flight is always a comfortable and safe journey. Luxury service in the air and on the ground. Providing our unique on-board catering service and bonus gift packs. We like to do things differently – so we provide an impeccable service that’s well above the minimal. After a flight with us, we guarantee you will not find a better way to travel to your destination.