Group Charter

For whenever & wherever you need to fly

At XSKY, we are all about the particular mission that requires a larger group, business, leisure, Airwork, FIFO and various other flight requirements.

Chartering an aircraft gives you access to a vast number of airports around the world. You also require a dedicated provider that supports all your safety, reliability and quality needs. And, never say no to a touch of luxury. XSKY Charters was designed for all of that and so much more. Yet, without the costs that break the bank. Discover all the benefits of flying with XSKY.

Group Charter

Have you got a mission that requires larger group/s? Business or Leisure? XSKY is here to help and be that provider that fulfills all your requirements. Whether it’s a once off, or several flights, we are happy to assist.

Our staff will always attend to your flight requirements whether its once a year or a handful of times. Better yet, we will always aim that you fly in one of our branded fleet of aircraft, so you can still experience our leading and superior service.

Got a regular flight contract requirement? The more you fly with us, the more you will save. So let’s work out a tailored XSKY service for you.

Sport & Entertainment

Rregaulr or once off Footy group fliugt, or how about staff to suppor tthe Rock Band on tour? We have access to a variety of aircraft to choose from to best suit your requirements. Which, we will help you decide if you don’t already know.

To a city, or a regional location, our aircraft are designed for a full ranged of missions and acquired for such a large range of possibilities and flight missions.

XSKY is your go to provider for every time you need to a get a group somewhere, swiftly, in comfort and at the highest safety standards.

Leisure & Resorts

Got a large group going away to the Kimberley’s? Golf Tour to Tasmania? Boys or Girls trip? Or how about a getaway to Bali?

Speak to us today and see how we can provide you an alternative way to to enjoy your experience, yet without the hassles of airlines. We provide for groups of two, to over a dozen, to share on an agreed flight charter schedule to a resort for weekend getaways, such as to Bali. We work with multiple travel agencies, resorts, hotels and brokers to make your journey as great as the destination.

Fly with XSKY, you won’t want to fly with Airlines ever again!

Want to learn more, or make that booking? Contact us now to speak to one of our representatives.


Get our very own dedicated FLYM booking app. Instantly search and book planes from the FLYM Group Fleet in under a minute. Keep updated on Empty Legs and other flight specials. It’s free to use too. Choose your itinerary – search for a plane that suits you best, and get an approximate price. Click submit to confirm to get the most accurate pricing software in the industry.