Australia’s First & Only Large Group Charter & Airwork brand

We own & operate our entire dedicated & branded fleet.

Flying with XSKY

Organising your itinerary

Create your own domestic or international schedule 24/7. Simply tell us when, where, how long your trip is, and for how many passengers.

Select the aircraft you prefer to fly on. If you don’t know, we will find your best solution.

Book & confirm via the site, phone, or our FLYM app up to the day before departure & in some cases, same day. It’s as simple & easy as that. Business or leisure. Your plan, the way it should be. Alternatively, select one of our specialty Experiences.

On the day

Relax in the VIP lounge or arrive a matter of minutes before your planned departure. We prefer at least 30 mins before any domestic flight, and 60 mins for any international flights. For larger groups – we prefer 60 mins also.

Park your car close, at a secure facility, or take a chauffeur transfer to the airport. Want to avoid all those arterial roads? Helicopter transfers are also available for most capital cities. The XSKY team will always happily organise everything you require.

Create your flight/s, for any type of missions you require. Simple and easy ways to fly with XSKY.

Fly above it all

Travel the efficient and effective way. Avoid the stress, hassle, and delays associated with airline travel.

Greatly cut your travel time. Spend more time at your destination. Make multiple stops in a day and still be home in time for dinner.

Allow XSKY to be one of your best business tools, or use for leisure, making the flight as good as your holiday. Private aircraft convenience, privacy, luxury, time-saving flights with XSKY.

Any requirement, any mission, anywhere, XSKY will have you covered.

The benefits of flying XSKY

Safe. Secure. Hygienic.

Owned & Branded Fleet.

Luxury & Comfort.

Dedicated Service. Anytime, Anywhere.

Experienced Crew.

Travel Faster.

Best Pricing.

No Commission, Extra Fees or Brokers.

No Broken Promises.

Australia’s Leading Company.

Your aircraft charter with XSKY


Enjoy freedom and privacy and a business environment second only to your personal office or simply recline into your luxurious space for REM sleep.


Make queues, early check-ins, late passengers, boarding passes and lost luggage a thing of the past! Witness the value gained from time saved and efficiency gained. Even your accountants will concur.


Need to get a piece of mining equipment, or commercial product there fast? We can be your alternative to express freight! We understand the importance of time savings translating to money saved with many options available under our corporate charter services.


XSKY gives you complete flexibility to choose your flying schedule. Our round-the-clock service means we are ready whenever you are, wherever you want to go, any time of the day.

Hassle free

Take to the skies 24 hours from booking. No worrying about passengers other passengers kicking your back, knocking elbows or looking at your work screen. Be productive while travelling in style.

Time Machine

Whether it’s one, or multiple destinations in a day. We value the relationship we have with you and the ones you have with your clients and staff. Arrive sooner and gain time to spend it on what matters most.

XSKY is here to help you succeed


Get our very own dedicated FLYM booking app. Instantly search and book planes from the FLYM Group Fleet in under a minute. Keep updated on Empty Legs and other flight specials. It’s free to use too. Choose your itinerary – search for a plane that suits you best, and get an approximate price. Click submit to confirm to get the most accurate pricing software in the industry.