Fire & Rescue Aerial Services


Airwork & Mission Specialist Provider

XSKY’s Airwork & Specialist Mission provider known as F.R.A.S. (Fire & Rescue Aerial Services). We work with both other companies and Government services to provide an immediate response and ready aircraft for a variety of missions.


With a variety of Airwork contracts and specialist on-call needs, XKSY is the provider for you, anywhere, anytime.

Need to transport a group of Firefighters, SES, Military personnel, or others urgently? We will have you covered.

Do it with ease, efficiency and at valued price, so the main dollars can be spent on human resources and supplies. We will support you in the best and safest manner and allow you to access the benefits of aviation in the most cost effective and best for the job, any time the mission calls.

Fire & Rescue

We provide Aerial fire fighting platform work in assistance and in collaboration with the world renowned leaders, Coulson Aviation.

They’re the best at what they do and play a pivotal role globally in supporting multiple nations in their quest to fight bushfires and the like.

We have a specialist focus on the fleet of the 737 Airliner Water Bombers. Something exciting coming soon.

Images are of Coulson Aviation –