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The Sweet Life

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When you FLYM, you’re not just acquiring a whole travel solution, you’re acquiring a whole new lifestyle. Never before has so much dedication and detail been arranged in Australia & South East Asia for the private jet industry.

We’re here to make sure your whole life becomes completely efficient and resourceful. Your business is our business and we’re always there to offer more than what we feel the industry is lacking. So, you can receive what you ultimately deserve.

We’re looking forward to constantly growing our new brand in the industry and in the region. And, always adding further benefits for you to experience and enjoy. Whether that’s for business or pleasure, or both!

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The Butler Group

To further enhance our offering, we’ve partnered with leading Concierge company, The Butler Group.

“The Butler Group represents effortless luxury, tailored to your lifestyle and personal desires. As passionate experts in luxury concierge services, we always strive to exceed expectations and provide a relaxed and highly personalised service.

This in addition to our values of respect, honesty, integrity, and tenacity has earned The Butler Group a high level of trust from its clients, who recommend us time after time. For many we have now become their trusted and indispensable friend and loyal advocate, supporting them throughout their life journey.

​In today’s society, we understand that time is precious. That’s why we take care of all of the researching, planning, booking, and handling on your behalf, leaving you to relax and enjoy living.”

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Members gain access to the FLYM CLUB with benefits such as bespoke travel itineraries, discount specials, free Empty Legs, and the newest and dedicated fleet for your travel needs in the air.

On the ground, the FLYM CLUB offers our client members last-minute restaurant reservations, concerts, and VIP nightlife access, to international property searches and exclusive access to high-end automobiles.

We sponsor and host many luxury suites for all high-end activities. Such as Formula One and Spring Racing Carnival to name a few.

A bespoke service that can be tailored to your specific needs, strict privacy, experienced security, media/press management, backstage access, behind-the-scenes experiences, and exclusive opportunities not generally available to the public.

​Quite simply, we promise a confidential, hassle-free, and memorable experience. Our aim is to simplify and enrich the lives of our clients by fulfilling all of your requests with flawless execution.

The Butler Group and FLYM have teamed to finally offer a service that ‘MUST’ be on offer. Australia’s leading membership and club program.

FLYM Club – Exclusivity limited for the discerning few.

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Get our very own dedicated FLYM booking app. Instantly search and book planes from the FLYM Group Fleet in under a minute. Keep updated on Empty Legs and other flight specials. It’s free to use too. Choose your itinerary – search for a plane that suits you best, and get an approximate price. Click submit to confirm to get the most accurate pricing software in the industry.

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