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Empty Legs

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What is an Empty Leg?

When a plane is booked for a one-way charter flight, the then return journey back to base, or the dead head flight up to pick up passengers, to start its charter mission, is flown empty – i.e. no passengers.

An ‘Empty Leg’ trip then becomes available to be purchased by anyone at a discounted rate. This means, on those occasions, you could save up to 25%-75% of the cost of a conventional flight. You can experience the ultimate mode of transport at a discounted rate.

Download the app if you haven’t already to best stay update on Empty Legs, or book your own charter with ease and simplicity.

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Why Choose an Empty Leg Flight?

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Major Savings

Up to 75% of the cost of a regular charter. You can be surprised how much you can save via an Empty Leg. And, if you’re FLYM Group Member flyer, there’s options to get an Empty Leg for free! Fly and save with MSKY.

Our Aircraft

A wide range of private aircraft are available for Empty Legs. The best opportunities are available with our very own fleet. But we also market-specific Empty Legs via our operating partners fleet, to provide the best options possible.

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Up-to-date Information

Current Empty Legs are published and regularly updated on our website, social media pages and our FLYM app. Use the app to be notified on a specific route you desire to book first and much more.

The Specialists

Our Empty Legs are conducted only in our own & partner fleet. So, we provide the best pricing and we won’t sell them unless we know we won’t break promises. As Empty Legs can change or cancel at any moment. Empty Legs sales are most reliable with us only.

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For Major Events

Shared Flights

We don’t offer Shared Flights “pay-by-the-seat” for general aircraft charter other than for Major Events. Why? Shared flights are the biggest diluter for private jets and are not operationally effective for the Australian Market. However, Shared Flights can work well for Major Events, when many people travel with similar itineraries. We have partnered with many marque events to help make this more suitable to your travel needs and enjoy luxury & entertainment on all fronts. Such as Formula One, Portsea Polo and Spring Racing Carnival to mention a few.

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