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Hotspots Map


Golf Tours

Australia’s best golfing destinations accessible by our private aircraft.

We are the leading Australian Aviation Golf Tours provider. Fly in our luxury aircraft and experience the best flight service and golfing experiences possible.

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Open Door Heli Scenics

Exciting doors-off helicopter flight.
Spectacular uninterrupted views.
One of a kind in Melbourne!

Marvel at the twinkling city and pristine beaches of Melbourne from birds-eye view during this thrilling doors-off helicopter flight. Soaring through the sky, feel the fresh air blowing in your hair as you stare down at the world below. Get your heart racing for an unforgettable experience!

Winery Experience

Luxury flight to a regional Victorian winery.
Brown Brothers Milawa Winery tour with tasting.
Three-course lunch at an award-winning restaurant.

Depart Melbourne for the day in a luxury aircraft and soar above Victoria’s High Country, enjoying picturesque views before arriving at your destination; Brown Brothers Milawa Winery. Here you’ll be spoiled with a wine tasting tour and two course lunch at their fine dining restaurant.

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Explore the 12 Apostles

Victoria’s most desired tourist hot spot.
See the beautiful landscape and coastline from a private luxury plane.
Visit the famous landmark on the ground tour with lunch provided at a local restaurant.

Depart Melbourne for the day in a luxury aircraft and soar above Victoria’s High Country, enjoying picturesque views before arriving at your destination; Brown Brothers Milawa Winery. Here you’ll be spoiled with a wine tasting tour and three course lunch at their fine dining restaurant.

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The benefits of flying MSKY

Safe. Secure. Hygienic.

Owned & Branded Fleet.

Luxury & Comfort.

Dedicated Service. Anytime, Anywhere.

Experienced Crew.

Travel Faster.

Best Pricing.

No Commission, Extra Fees or Brokers.

No Broken Promises.

Australia’s Leading Company.

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  • Charter for any occasion – Business & Pleasure.
  • Large Group Transport Specialist – Luxury Tours, Holidays, Sport Events, FIFO, Government & Military, Fire Services, Airwork and more.
  • No lines, no delays, your most reliable partner in all your transport needs. Anywhere, Anytime – Guaranteed.

XSKY, via its parent company and private jet charter specialist ‘The FLYM Group’ will always be your go to partner for any request you need. Australia’s most fair and valued pricing, with no middle man or brokerage fees. Australia’s only branded fleet of charter aircraft, nationwide.

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The benefits of flying MSKY

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Safe. Secure. Hygienic.

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Owned & branded fleet

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Luxury & Comfort

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Dedicated service. Anytime, Anywhere.

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Experienced Crew

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Travel faster. Best Pricing.

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No middle men or brokers

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No commission or extra fees

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No broken promises

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Australia’s leading company

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The benefits of flying MSKY







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Always closer to your home or office

At MSKY we know aircraft charter exists to save time and get more done. The most important factor of charter is it’s safest, securest and most hygienic way to travel. But it’s also a way to avoid the lines and delays of airline travel and arterial roads transiting in-between. That’s why we’re located at more airport Australia wide than anyone else and we’re the First & Only Private Jet provider at Moorabbin Airport for South East Melbourne. Saving many Melbournians time and money.

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Luxury Charters

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A Sustainable Future

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FLYM Group is Australia’s first & only non-airline aviation company to have completed a Sustainability report.

A step-by-step process, with significant investments to going carbon neutral approx. mid this decade.

At the FLYM Group of Companies, we believe in the future of the planet and developing new sustainable environmental initiatives. We are championing a greener aviation industry.

So, that’s why we have invested into a Biofuel and Waste2Energy company to develop and be the leaders in ‘Sustainable Aviation Fuels’ (SAF).

We will be the trailblazers of such initiatives – particularly in Australia. Once SAF is mass produced, our entire fleet will be run on this green fuel.

But that’s not all! With our investment in Waste2Energy, we’re making the entire world greener and environmentally friendly. Creating energy, the most responsible way. Our focus is not just in aviation, but for every single human on the planet – whether you fly or not.

(Civil aviation contributes 2% of global CO2 emissions, and of that, business aviation contributes 2%). Even though the industry’s contribution to CO2 emissions is relatively tiny, we know we can still play our part for the future of Earth.

In the meantime, you can fly green via our Carbon Offset Program.