About Us

Msky is a Melbourne based charter operator that specialises in Adventure – Leisure – eXtreme destinations. We currently have a focus on golf and winery tours, as well as scenic flight experiences.
Msky was created to support our sister company and charity organisation – Flights4Kids. Providing a professional non-emergency transport service for regional/rural children in need of medical care and treatment at the Children’s Hospital.
Through years of experience with our staff, we noticed there was a need for a proper luxury fixed-wing service in Melbourne to cater for the leisure and tourism industry, as there was a lack of premium operators. One that takes no shortcuts in providing an exceptional experience – both on the ground and in the air.
At Msky we take a unique approach offering the best service of its kind. An efficient and simple way to enjoy a corporate event, weekend adventure away or time to shoot some holes.
With access to an exceptional fleet of aircraft, a no compromised approach in making sure your journey is as good as the destination.


Why Us

We created Msky to have a highly recognizable brand in the industry by offering that little bit of extra luxury. Time and time again we saw a lack of customer service, a lack of doing anything above the standard every day service. We want to make sure that when you fly with us, you’re flying with a company that wants to put glamour back into your journey. Whether it be you’re traveling to have an adventure and return when you’re covered in mud, which we’re happy to cater for, or heading off to a winery for the day we want to make sure we go above your expectations every time. At Msky every detail counts.
We will not sacrifice our safety standards. We don’t subsidize our costs for a lack of service, quality and luxury. All our crew and staff are highly trained and specifically meet our criteria of high standards, yet always having fun along the way. Our happy staff is what we want you to see every time you hop on board. The aircraft have to meet that same criteria also. Quality and luxury where safety is never sacrificed.



Msky operations are fully insured and conducted under an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) that is compliant with and fully regulated in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).